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In the discussion of GMO, it always means artificially and directly
modifying the genetics of the organism in question, bypassing natural
mechanisms in favor for artificial mechanisms. Of course everything we do
to plants affects their genes, be it selective breeding, crossing and
hybridizing, however when GMO is being discussed, it's about the product
of direct genetic manipulation in the lab. It's the same difference as the
term "Organic." Technically, petroleum is organic. However the
term Organic used in discussion isn't referring to technicalities, but to
methodology - a subset of agriculture that is managed in an accepted
earth-friendly and sustainable manner without the use of petrochems. With
GMO, the same is inferred. Technically, we're tampering with the genetics
regardless and have been for ages, but this isn't technically that's being
discussed, but methodology. Essentially, GMO has already been defined.

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On Mon, July
19, 2010 5:44 am, John A C Despres wrote:
> Let's be careful to
define GMO - GMO does not always mean chemically
> modified.
Splicing two plant together is Genetically Modifying either of
the two plants...
> Exercise caution, look carefully
and stay healthy.
> John
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