[Homeroast] GMO Coffee

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Sun Jul 18 14:24:06 CDT 2010

>  I hope that Tom and Maria can convince coffee farmers worldwide that GMO is
>  a dreadful path to follow. It is scary how crop after crop eventually
>  succumbs to pressure from the powerful seed providers. ...We need to protect our food supply, not
>  only for ourselves, but for future generations.

I understand your opinion, but the counter-argument is that the traditional way of "protecting" our food supply from 
pests and diseases is by massive doses of chemicals. Millions of tons of chemicals every year. So whichdo you want - 
food crops which have been bathed in chemical baths or food crops that have been genetically altered 
toprotectthemselves. The types and amounts of nutrients in both is the same according to the research published in the 
science journals.

The industry pushing organic products has their own very valid arguments, but realistically there's not enough 
farmlandin the US to provide organic food and protein for everyone. I grow my own vegetables (Burpees loves me), but 
it's because I love the better flavor of fresh grown veggies, not because I have any arguments with how the commercial 
productsare grown.

Just my 2 cents.


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