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Yea, I've never been a straight "by the book" type of person either. I start
with the book, respect it, but want to push the envelope or try different
ideas that my my mind cooks up. For example, this week I am going to try
roasting 1/4lb coffee with 1/4lb of almonds in my Behmor simultaneously.
Will it work? Who knows, but I will find out. After that I will try the same
thing with cocoa beans. Worst that can happen is that I'll lose a 1/4 of
coffee. But I think roasting things together might give a unique character
to the beans.



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Ivan, personally, I far more respect a person who is willing to try
something crazy- than an expert who is completely closed minded and set in
their ways. Personally, I have wanted to try "aging" my beans in my cigar
humidor for a year or two just to see what would happen! (and let me tell
you, this is not my only hobby! You want to talk about people with their
minds made up- get into Saltwater Reef aquarium keeping. Talk about strong
opinions!!! Some reefers wont even try a non-traditional method or product
in their tank at all and will not even entertain the notion that such a
thing may work- they will tell you strait up that it does not work! )

Ryan M. Ward

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