[Homeroast] A New Convert

Jason Brooks brookswv at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 13:34:22 CDT 2010

I had a good time last night.  An old friend stopped in to roast.
He's just starting, having received a SM's variety pack for a birthday
gift.  He's not local to me now, but I showed him roasting about 5
years ago.  Last night, he roasted up 4 batches of a Brazil Joao de
Campos Yellow Catuai, quite excited with the process.  When he left, I
sent him along with a 1200 watt popper I had on the shelf and had
never used.  It's not great, but it'll do the job.

Who knows?  Maybe he'll show up here before too long.  I recommended
SM's Coffee Library to him, so maybe he'll find the list too.


Jason Brooks
brookswv at gmail.com

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