[Homeroast] There may be worse coffee on the planet than Cruise Ship coffee...

Ryan M. Ward silvercro_magnon at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 14 10:55:13 CDT 2010

Alas, such are the hazards of travel! I remember one time I was at a training confernce in San Francisco. I ordered a capuccino from the guy in the lobby. First off, it took him 10 minutes to make it (because he was too busy talking to his friend). He must have told me at least 20 times 'it will be just a moment' while he literally stood next to the espresso mkachine talkiing to someone. 
When he finally found the time to make it, no grinder... no doser.... not even a can of foldger grounds......... they used Senso coffee pods to make their espresso! After that he topped it with some weird unidentifiable topping.

The only time I have ever received worst neglectful customer service (as in not even trying- management or employees) was when I went to Magic Mountain (theme park here in CA). I refuse to set foot in that place to this day. (And I didn't even try the coffee)

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> Subject: [Homeroast] There may be worse coffee on the planet than Cruise	Ship coffee...
> There may be worse coffee on the planet than Cruise Ship coffee, but if so,
> I never want to taste it.
> I didn't have expectations for coffee any better than, say, a 24 hour diner
> on the Interstate 40 miles from the nearest gas station, but on a recent
> Baltic Cruise (Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersberg, Gdansk & back to
> Stockholm), I found the coffee substantially worse than Pennzoil 10w-30.
> They had a separate (read: not included in the price of the cruise) espresso
> station, supposedly with Seattle's Best and a non-descript commercial
> espresso machine with an equally non-descript grinder.  It seems they don't
> grind coffee on demand - ground coffee just sits doser waiting for the next
> customer - which might be the next day.  So-called Baristas were untrained
> and not particularly open to suggestion.  It seems that if the espresso
> takes more than 5 seconds to dispense a shot, they think they've tamped the
> portafilter too hard.  I very much wanted to just jump behind the counter &
> pull the shot myself giving them some training along the way, but my wife
> would have been too embarrassed.
> Now, the good news is I didn't see a single Starbucks anywhere in Stockholm,
> and I was able to get a few OK shots.  
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