[Homeroast] There may be worse coffee on the planet than Cruise Ship coffee...

Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 08:40:04 CDT 2010

There may be worse coffee on the planet than Cruise Ship coffee, but if so,
I never want to taste it.

I didn't have expectations for coffee any better than, say, a 24 hour diner
on the Interstate 40 miles from the nearest gas station, but on a recent
Baltic Cruise (Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersberg, Gdansk & back to
Stockholm), I found the coffee substantially worse than Pennzoil 10w-30.

They had a separate (read: not included in the price of the cruise) espresso
station, supposedly with Seattle's Best and a non-descript commercial
espresso machine with an equally non-descript grinder.  It seems they don't
grind coffee on demand - ground coffee just sits doser waiting for the next
customer - which might be the next day.  So-called Baristas were untrained
and not particularly open to suggestion.  It seems that if the espresso
takes more than 5 seconds to dispense a shot, they think they've tamped the
portafilter too hard.  I very much wanted to just jump behind the counter &
pull the shot myself giving them some training along the way, but my wife
would have been too embarrassed.

Now, the good news is I didn't see a single Starbucks anywhere in Stockholm,
and I was able to get a few OK shots.  

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