[Homeroast] Roast goes stale fast

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I can't say that I can tell the difference in the cup.  I would think that with what I am smelling a more competent barista would notice some difference.  Personally, I am not consistent enough in my espresso production, so anything up to a moderate variation in the brewed drink is more than likely caused by me.  Also, straight espresso would probably provide more direct access to the evolving flavors.  Unfortunately, straight espresso tends to overwhelm my palate, which is why I drink capps.
I am enjoying doing this; thanks for the suggestion.  Even if the ultimate answer is going to simply be that storing beans in glass is a safer bet than mystery plastic at least I will have shown myself that.
-Mike K

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I'm enjoying reading the reports.

Besides the differences in aroma, are you detecting any differences in taste
between the different methods?


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> Day 4 (glass - 7/9): The glass stored beans are still going strong -smells
> about the same as yesterday.  Plastic stored beans are definitely
> deteriorating --I am smelling the faint hint of harshness that I associate
> with stale beans.
> By the numbers my pull was bad today.  I bumped the grinder a notch finer
> in anticipation of the older beans needing a finer grind.  Instead my pull
> ran 45 seconds.  Despite that, the capp was full bodied and heavy on the
> dark chocolate, pulling back as it cooled to a more fuity flavor.
> -Mike K
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> Day 3 (plastic - 7/8):Both containers continue to smell good, but the aroma
> from the plastic container is less intense than that from the glass
> container.  I believe that the glass container beans actually smell better
> than yesterday, with a sensation that evokes how I feel after swallowing a
> piece of chocolate cherry cake.
> The capp was full bodied from the start.  Again, dark chocolate and fruit
> --fairly consistently so as it cooled.  It had a slight bitterness that went
> away as it cooled, however today I ran out of milk, so there was less
> dilution to the milk.
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