[Homeroast] Is Decaf just staticy?

Michael espressoperson at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 08:28:54 CDT 2010

I'm with you on staticky decaf and static-free regular grinds with the  
vario grinder (and other grinders too). I have not found a way to  
avoid static but have a few tricks to make dealing with the results  
more tolerable.

1. Most times I use the vario grinds container with the portafilter  
fork. I made a sawed off funnel* to capture the grinds and keep them  
from running away. The bottom of the funnel is just a bit narrower  
than the top of the portafilter basket so it balances nicely on the  
edges of the basket leaving the center of the basket wide open. The  
top of the funnel is wide enough to catch most of the errant grinds  
but narrow enough to fit under the vario grinds exit chute comfortably.

2. Sometimes I use the vario enclosed grinds container, grind into it,  
shake gently, then pour grinds into the funnel-topped basket for  
tapping down gently, then lifting the funnel, distributing the grinds  
evenly, and then tamping. My decaf doses are typically larger than  
regular coffee doses so this method is useful to contain all the  
grinds in the basket even under static-free conditions.

3. The grinder sits on top of a stainless steel drawer with the  
knockbox inside the drawer. So when I grind, the spilled grinds are  
confined to the top of the drawer platform and can be easily swept  
into the knockbox in the open drawer. It is so convenient for  
cleaning, and also raises the grinder closer to eye level. These  
stainless drawers are a bit pricey but IMO worth the money. And they  
look good too.

* I have a 49 mm basket so the sawed off yogurt baskets most people  
use for the purpose don't work for me. If you have the typical 58mm  
baskets you will have an easier time making a suitable funnel.

On Jul 8, 2010, at 1:11 AM, michael kaericher wrote:

> The Ethiopia is water processed.  The SM notes say that it is not  
> Swiss Water.  Donkey is a blend, so I couldn't say how it is  
> decaffeinated.
> I couldn't comment on how processing might affect static, if it does  
> at all.  I don't even know why I am seeing a difference.
> -Mike K

espressoperson at gmail.com

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