[Homeroast] Is Decaf just staticy?

michael kaericher mike_kae at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 7 14:40:36 CDT 2010

My wife was recently told she needs 
to avoid caffeine, so I picked up some 
-Donkey Blend
Ethiopia Sidamo WP
-Decaf Brazil Joao de Campos
-Decaf Uganda 
Bugisu WP

So far, what we have tried has been outstanding.  I
 have roasted the Donkey Blend and the Ethiopia.  My wife has really 
enjoyed both.  With Donkey, she's been pleased with her morning capp, 
saying that she really doesn't feel like she's giving anything up.  The 
Ethiopia, is probably the best coffee that we have ever prepared in our 
drip machine (it must be well suited to lower temp brewing, cause our 
machine is just a basic Krups pro-aroma)  

One weird thing that I
 notice now is that there is a huge difference in static from grinding 
regular coffee compared to decaf in my Vario.  When I grind my regular 
coffee, I see a nice fluffy pile
 of coffee that mostly comes straight down out of the grinder chute.  
But when I grind the decaf, it goes all over the place and I get 
something more resembling a crater.  
Has anyone else noticed this?  
Any ideas why?

-Mike K

PS - Sorry this went out twice.  I sent a copy yesterday, but have not seen it yet, so I am resending.


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