[Homeroast] iced coffee idea/Hario

John Borella jborella at ct.metrocast.net
Tue Jul 6 07:59:41 CDT 2010

    I brew in a Hario Mitzudash Grande which brings out the varietal flavors 
of the light roasted S/O coffees I prefer for Iced Coffee.  Unlike the Toddy 
brewer I used previously which produces a cold brew concentrate the Hario 
makes a stronger version of what you would get from a vac pot that is 
perfect over ice. No sugar or cream required to mask the cold brew flavor I 
used to get from the Toddy brew.

   As temps head to 100*F today with high humidity I'll be enjoying iced 
coffee brewed from SM's Ethiopian Organic Y/C, Koke Coop. Sweet, creamy, 
fruity & ice cold!!

John B. 

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