[Homeroast] iced coffee idea

John A C Despres johndespres at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 12:03:19 CDT 2010

My first experience with iced coffee was just last week. I have a friend who
owns a wonderful roastery which is gaining in popularity. Kurt truly
respects the bean and roasts for each variety. No generic profiles there...

Lea stopped in to order some coffee to be shipped to friends and asked Kurt
for something to go I might like. He decided on an iced Ethiopia for me. A
little disappointed at receiving and iced drink, I sipped tentatively and
found I liked it a lot! Later that afternoon, I visited Kurt to tell him how
much I enjoyed it - He told me he added a tiny bit of sugar. I never knew
drinking it, but the tiny amount he added made it a wonderful cup.

Who knew I'd enjoy 1) iced coffee 2) coffee with sugar? Give it a try; if it
sucks, sink it and make another cup.


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