[Homeroast] Canada travels

John A C Despres johndespres at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 21:54:15 CDT 2010

I'm traveling with my family through Canada for the next couple weeks. To
survive the first two days in hotels, I roasted some IMV, packed a pourover
and my new Hario ceramic burr grinder and hit the road. We spent the last
two days in Edmonton and today drove south to Calgary. About 60 miles north
of Calgary is Red Deer. My wife found a directory telling about the town and
some features. There's a coffee shop/roastery called "City Roast" on Ross
street and it instantly became a destination as my personal stash of IMV
will run out tomorrow. We found the shop with little trouble and
disappointingly  found it closed. There was a young lady working in the
darkened store, so we went to lunch.

During lunch, Lea suggested I try knocking if the girl was still there. So I
did. I love small towns; the girl heard me and immediately threw open the
door and I told her of my quest for fresh roasted coffee. She told me I was
in luck as her dad had just roasted the current inventory yesterday. I
bought a half pound each of Yirg, Kenya AA and Terrazu. They all have that
sort of low note just roasted fragrance and they all smell good.

Tomorrow I'll clean out my IMV reserve with our hosts here in Calgary and
beginning Tuesday, I'll brew the City Roast coffees. Bean munch tests are
all positive and the beans are what I would call a City + or Full City

I also understand Calgary offers a few roastery/coffee shops which I plan to
seek out.

Our trip will end in Toronto where we will meet Susan and visit Java Mama. I
am pumped!


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