[Homeroast] Noise canceling headphones

Rich rich-mail at octoxol.com
Sun Jul 4 12:51:59 CDT 2010

I was going to mention that but thought I would leave it lie.  That is 
exactly why I bought mine and promptly rooted it.  And I don't have to 
hold it in an "odd" way to make a call either.  There are also spectrum 
analyzer aps that will allow identifying cracks in your roaster for you. 
  A couple of generations down the road and you will be able to control 
a roaster with your phone...

Happy independence day!

Ryan M. Ward wrote:
> "unless you have an Android smartphone with google maps and 
> navigation."
> I have a moral obligation to bring up the fact that the Android operating system runs a Linux kernel (Which is exactly why I bought my Android Phone). 
> Ok, now that I got that out of my system- back to posting reviews on cheese making books...

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