[Homeroast] Question about coffee soda

lilysownahmah at greensponassociates.com lilysownahmah at greensponassociates.com
Sat Jul 3 13:43:45 CDT 2010

Hello, everyone:

Years ago (and possibly also more recently) there was a discussion on this
list about coffee soda.  It was generally agreed (at least as I
remember??) that Manhattan Coffee Espresso Soda was "it" and I have
enjoyed it ever since.  There is no where to get it here in Minnesota, and
I have found quite a few places to buy it online, and at least one with
free shipping, and we have even stopped at stores around the country on
car trips and bought stores out!

We were just give a soda machine which makes surprisingly good sodas, but
we're not using the soda mixes that are made for it because even the
non-diet ones use Splenda (and I can't figure out why).

I've attempted to look through the archives, with no luck.

I have guesses about how to try making something like Manhattan Special --
their recipe is closely guarded -- but I wonder if anyone has a good (or
better yet, wonderful) recipe.  Please let us know!!

Thanks in advance for help.

Barbara Greenspon

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