[Homeroast] Iced Coffee recipes

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 16:51:29 CDT 2010

I was making Vietnamese Iced Coffee's last summer using a metal filter built
for the purpose and the office Starbucks coffee.  Strong, over-roasted
coffees work well for this where your dripping the coffee into condensed
milk and then pouring over ice.  This is about the only time that I'll
sweeten or add anything to my coffee, otherwise I drink my coffee or
espresso shots hot.


I picked up three of the filters at an Asian grocery store, two for home
(make a cup for me and the Wife at the same time) and one for work.  New job
doesn't have Starbucks so I'll have to use whatever they have or roast my
own French roasted coffee.


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