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Well, I'd want it unsweetened, but for those who'd want it sweet, you could use liquid corn syrup as a sugar.  If choice is between milk and half and half, go for the half and half, it'll taste better with the fat molecules.


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Hey everyone.

Anyone got any iced coffee recipes they'd like to share?  I'm planning on giving it a whirl in the next couple of days.  Read a couple of articles and watched a few youtube videos.  What i've come up with is:

Brew double strength coffee.I'm already running into my first question.  Some say here i should add sugar while it's hot.  Obviously sugar dissolves in hot liquid.  What if the friends i'm serving to don't want sweetness?  Won't the half & half or creamer also deliver some sweetness?  What do you do?Then let it cool to room tempRefrigerate.Serve about 3/4 coffee to 1/4 half and half?  What are your preferences?

I know.  I know.  I should try it first, then report my findings and ask questions from there.  But wanted to know if you would share your thoughts and recipes before i get started.


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