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Thu Jul 1 09:29:37 CDT 2010

All of what you have said here, and I confess I don't have time to digest it
right now getting ready for work, is why I delete the email spam/ads for
these glorified pen holders / nick nack canisters.
Like RayO has explained in such detail. Forget a bout it.

On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 11:39 PM, <raymanowen at gmail.com> wrote:

> "...has anyone tried those beanvac canisters?"
> No, but that's only half of the story-
> My daughter used to manage a Sharper Image store and brought home one of
> the
> Bean Vac things.  As I remember, it would power up the vacuum pump on the
> batteries to maintain the vacuum, as if  Vacuum were the Utopian storage
> medium.
> As CO2 gas evolved from the fresh-roasted beans, the internal pressure
> would
> rise, signaling an apparent vacuum leak. It would tun on the pump and
> exhaust the CO2 gas developing in-situ.
> The problem would be releasing the vacuum, opening the lid and pouring out
> the beans and remaining CO2.
> [Release vacuum = allow air + pure O2 to enter;
> Pour out beans = pour out CO2 gas too, Here come the air and pure O2, just
> like Open House Day at a Tijuana Cat House...]
> If you keep roasted beans in a vacuum, you force O2 in every time you open
> the container, whether you want to or not.
> The only thing worse would be to grind the coffee and try to store it
> "Vacuum packed" like Foulgers. Ever notice there's never a vacuum in those
> cans? The CO2 has evolved and developed pressure. That only works because
> most people scoop the grounds rather than pouring them and the CO2 out...
> If you have a flour mill or a big Mazzer grinder, you have probably noticed
> the fabulous difference in bread fresh baked using a dough ball made with
> flour ground long ago in a place far away, vs fresh-ground wheat/ oats.
> Nuff
> said.
> Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
> Got Grinder?
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