[Homeroast] [OT] Roasting Nuts

Alchemist John john at chocolatealchemy.com
Sun Jan 31 14:41:29 CST 2010

In the case of the crickets and meal worms, I was helping someone 
with a 'food project' for school, and I have a book called 'Creaky 
Crawly Cuisine', and those were available locally, so those were the 
alternative protein additions for a pizza.  It was just a really easy 
way to get an even roast (and contain the crickets) on the critters.

At 12:26 PM 1/31/2010, you wrote:
>Here's some links on roasting nuts on Coffee Geek.  The thread on HG/DB
>roasting nuts indicate that it's pretty similar to coffee, and I think you
>get the same benefits, the raw nuts keep longer and the taste of really
>freshly roasted nuts is dramatically better then stale roasted nuts (I guess
>that's why they package roasted nuts with nitrogen).  I'll probably work in
>regular roasts of almonds in the future.  I think I'll reserve my large grid
>drum for nuts as I end up using my small grid drum for just about every
>coffee roast.
>John, I would imagine that popcorn would be a very short roast.  When I was
>roasting popcorn and then coffee over a campfire, the popcorn was a snap,
>just taking a couple of minutes, but my arm got pretty sore when getting a
>good ten minute roast of coffee over the fire.  What kind of alchemy uses
>roasted crickets and meal worms?  (honestly, I have to admit having eaten
>chocolate covered crickets, meal worms, and ants in the past so I can
>probably guess)
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