[Homeroast] clever coffee dripper

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 14:35:50 CST 2010

I usually use a finer grind for my AeroPress then for my CCD, and my contact
time is in the minutes instead of seconds with the AeroPress (and my water
temp is closer to 200 then the recommended 170), but I think that the paddle
does a really good job of stirring the slurry which helps with the

Many have likened the AeroPress to the Clover, using higher doses of coffee
and a shorter contact time with stirring, it's really a poor man's Clover...
I can't comment having never had Clover brewed coffee.  I used to use three
AeroPress scoops of coffee for two cups but was blowing through my homeroast
and cut down to two scoops (about 25 grams) and a longer contact time...
which is the same amount of coffee I use now in the CCD at home for the same
two cups.

I regularly use the AeroPress at work (quick and easy clean-up), and will
even pull one out at home when I have mere minutes to make coffee before
hitting the road to prevent the kids from being late to school.

I roasted up a batch of Costa Rican coffee yesterday and got the call from
my Wife for a cup of coffee last night to drink while she worked on lesson
plans and I found that 450 ml of water was a little ambitious with coffee
that hadn't rested.  I poured in about 75 ml of water and let the ground
roil and bloom for 30 seconds, but even still when I hit it with the balance
of the water it was still blooming and it was pretty close to the top of the
filter... so for really fresh coffee 400 - 425 ml might be easier to manage,
YMMV.  If I had been forwarding thinking my brew, I would have let the
grounds rest for fifteen minutes after grinding so they weren't so gassy.


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