[Homeroast] [OT] Roasting Nuts

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 14:26:33 CST 2010

Here's some links on roasting nuts on Coffee Geek.  The thread on HG/DB
roasting nuts indicate that it's pretty similar to coffee, and I think you
get the same benefits, the raw nuts keep longer and the taste of really
freshly roasted nuts is dramatically better then stale roasted nuts (I guess
that's why they package roasted nuts with nitrogen).  I'll probably work in
regular roasts of almonds in the future.  I think I'll reserve my large grid
drum for nuts as I end up using my small grid drum for just about every
coffee roast.

John, I would imagine that popcorn would be a very short roast.  When I was
roasting popcorn and then coffee over a campfire, the popcorn was a snap,
just taking a couple of minutes, but my arm got pretty sore when getting a
good ten minute roast of coffee over the fire.  What kind of alchemy uses
roasted crickets and meal worms?  (honestly, I have to admit having eaten
chocolate covered crickets, meal worms, and ants in the past so I can
probably guess)

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