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The Meal worms must really give your coffee that distinct flavour the rest
of us miss in our batches :)

For almonds and other nuts what profiles and times do others suggest other
than what Chris has mentioned he uses?

John H. 

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Just for the record, I have successfully done the following in my Behmor:

Pop corn (what's good for the goose....)
Pumpkin seeds
Meal worms

The only thing to not work too well are cocoa nibs and sunflower 
seeds.  Both are just too small or uneven, even with the small grid 
cylinder and I lose over 1/2.

Alchemist John

At 07:25 AM 1/31/2010, you wrote:
>That's interesting Chris.  I never thought about using nuts.
>If you don't mind, post your thoughts on Workshop #8.  I've got my karma
>back, and am pulling great shots again.  I even had good success with
>Response, which I was having a lot of difficulty before.  But ... I still
>can't seem to get #8 right as far as shot taste goes.  It might just be my
>flavor sensors, but I would like to see others' feedback on this blend.
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>I tried out roasting raw almonds in the Behmor tonight, a splendid success.
>Set the Behmor for 1/4# P1 profile and subtracted time until the roast time
>was 7:30.  The first crack of the almonds hit at 7:00 and I pulled them
>while they were still warm and took them inside for the Wife and I to
>I ended up over-indulging, they were so good, no oil or salt needed.
>Back out in the garage again roasting Espresso Workshop #8 - Waw, Bukan
>Main!, it's in the cooling cycle now, cooling down from a P4 profile taken
>to FC.
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