[Homeroast] clever coffee dripper

Ira ira at extrasensory.com
Sun Jan 31 12:21:15 CST 2010

At 09:44 AM 1/31/2010, you wrote:
>Out of curiosity, any idea why the CCD works well with a fine-sh grind and a
>4 minute steep, while the Aeropress works well with a fine-ish grind and a
>20 second steep?  is it just the pressure of me pushing on the AP?

Have you ever tried a longer steep in the AP? Before I switched to 
the Clever I think I was  up to a 2 minute steep in the AP. Add 
water, stir, add more water, stir. add almost to top, put the plunger 
just in enough to hold a seal, wait awhile, press. I think the longer 
steep times improved the coffee.


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