[Homeroast] Roaster woes...

Starfinder Stanley coffee at starf.org
Sat Jan 30 22:07:40 CST 2010

Well, my alpenrost done bit the dust, after acting purty weird during the
last 4 roasts....  Most of the way through yesterday's roast, just blinked
out, no power, no nothin'.... fortunately I was able to rescue the beans,
had to sort out and toss about 1/8 of the batch that burned when the drum
stopped rotating, but the rest ended up just about right.

So now I get to do a bit of frankenrosting....  Has anybody out there
chopped up an old alpenrost?  Or even better, chopped one up and has a
(virtual) stack of pics of the disassembly and diagrams as to which bit is
which?  I was impressed by the detailed depictions of the decon of the
iRoast, so I figure I should ask before I forge my own trail into deepest
darkest Alpenrost....

My Behmor days may be closer at hand than I thought.


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