[Homeroast] Query

Rich rich-mail at octoxol.com
Sat Jan 30 16:42:10 CST 2010

They are marketing the K-Cup brewers and coffee very aggressively.  When 
they run out of new customers the bubble will pop.  Fads come and go. 
Hula Hoop anyone?

Ryan M. Ward wrote:
> What this tells me as an independent amateur stock trader is that investors have confidence that GMCR as a company is delivering a product that is currently popular. Personally, I think it is a fad that will pass (but in the mean time, I have made some money off of GMCR). You are right, that stock has flown through the roof, I wish I had caught it before I did but I was not in the market at the time when it was really starting to take off(Heck, the stock double in value in December, I think it increased 400% last year alone). I know last Wednesday they released an earnings report that came back higher than expected- almost double in fact- the stock opened with a gap on Thursday- IE opened higher than the previous days high. They were down from previous quarters but some analysts expect some pretty impressive earnings in future quarters.
> P.S. I am not sure if you read this but for a while there GMCR had a bid out to acquire Deidrich Coffee (Another K-Cup manufacturer), I think they backed out of the deal but I seem to recall they may have opened talks up again(I have not checked the news on this recently). 

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