[Homeroast] Dry Ethiopes

Rich rich-mail at octoxol.com
Sat Jan 30 10:26:09 CST 2010

No, don't tell him.   The same thing is true with liquor.  You can do 
wonders with a back room and a funnel.

John M. Howison wrote:
> Tom said one of his dry Sidamos tasted a lot like good Kona, which I
> can't afford.
> I lied to an affluent friend of mine who loves Kona, and told him that
> the cup of City Plus FP Haile Selassie I served him was Kona that I
> had paid about six dollars for, green.  He wanted to know where he
> could get some at that price.  Is the power of suggestion stronger
> than the power of his taste buds?  Should I tell him?

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