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Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 20:41:34 CST 2010

Guess we've hit a lull.  I've been busy and haven't posted, been brewing a
50/50 pre-roast blend of Yemen / Indo Sulawesi in the Clever Coffee Dripper
and pulling my defrosted roast of Liquid Amber on the espresso machine.

Had two hard stalls last weekend on the vac pot with the blend, consequently
the same time I introduced a little experiment at grounds sifting with a
hand sifter.  Someone on one of the boards posted that this could do more
harm then good as a lot of the really small fines don't sift out because of
electrostatic cling, so you end up just getting rid of the middling
grounds.  Donno, could be the roast or technique, it's been a while since I
vac potted.

I've really been enjoying the liquid amber.  Found some nice square 2 oz
shot glasses at the thrift store.  Bought one yesterday for sixty-five cents
to try out and went back today for three more.  Saw a 10 cup aluminum moka
pot there, but passed as I need to reign in on my collection (I already have
one or two smaller moka pots I don't use).

I filmed a 14 g double pull on the La Peppina and posted it over at
Home-Barista and then filmed a single pull with a different technique to
avoid over-extraction last, but I still have to get that one off the camera
and trimmed for posting.  The larger shot glasses fooled me and I took that
one much further then I was planning so it was a little watery.

La Peppina Pull:

Gotta roast this weekend.

Take care,


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