[Homeroast] A coffee addict in the making

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 08:00:19 CST 2010

(Ha - Ryan, if you have the time to read this thread, I bet you didn't think
that your little Raisinette [I love that!] would ignite this conversation -
hopefully no one is offended at our conversation going off topic.)

I am now a typical, shameless grandmother/bubbie, who is crazy about kids.
Thought those days were past - then bam! my little Kiernan was born, and now
I love seeing or hearing about *any* kids.

Sandy - 'cappootzeeno,' huh? Shows you were training your son right! You
reminded me I need a trip in town (I'm north of beantown & don't get in too
often because public transportation from my new home is sparse). I love to
haggle at the open market right next door to Faneuil Hall - Haymarket. I
have lots of good memories of going there w/my mom. Many a time I've managed
to get a whole case of fruit (jam, jam, jam!! mmm) for one or two dollars..
in the summer, of course, when it would go bad if they didn't sell it. These
are old timers, and you have to be careful you don't get stuck with bad
produce - but, for me, it is *so* worth the work!

Oh - it was nearby in the North End where I went into my favorite shop -
it's like an old fashioned shop, and they sell a variety of spices and other
odd food related stuff. I noticed a couple of barrels of coffee greens,
labeled with just the country of origin. When I asked if they knew how old
the beans were, the guy just shrugged his shoulders and told me that it
didn't matter, because, "they never go stale."

Ewww!! I tried to explain otherwise to him, but I knew it was a lost

Ray - that is TOO CUTE! You need to capture that "Oh, man," on video for
those of us who feel the same (everyone on this list!)

Tom - I like to think we are passing down a tradition that will be carried
on for a long time. Hey, maybe I'll even get a grandchild who will actually
like to cook and/or bake (most of my kids think that 30 seconds in the micro
is cooking, sad to say).

Hey - I'm sure little Ben will carry on the same tradition, too!


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