[Homeroast] A coffee addict in the making

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 08:56:42 CST 2010

Hahaha - sorry for laughing. I'm truly sending my condolences, Mike. I still
have one of my four kids living w/me - one of my two sons. However, he is
contributing to the rent (which I desperately need at this point) and is a
straight A student, w/plans to go to med school - so I don't mind this
temporary situation. Since he's dyslexic, and only learned how to read at 15
(correction - taught himself how to read!), I'm extremely proud of him. He
only became this determined after becoming a father, lol.

My other son, however... he just got his own apt when I moved in June. He
had no choice (so that's my advice - move to a one bedroom apt or condo,
hahaha). The one living w/me is almost 28, and the other is 26.

Sorry for the OT conversation - on the plus side, I've converted the one
living w/me into a real homeroast addict. He's brought my coffee into his
work study, and shared it w/one of his instructors.

Drinking a cup of Honduras Organic-Daniel Ordonex III Microlot. Bought five
lbs, and was thinking that these were the first greens from SM that both my
kid & I just didn't like.

But I now know it was my brewing method. More on that w/a Tradition I'm
going to post today...


On Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 6:27 PM, Mike Chester <mchet at charter.net> wrote:

> It never ends.  Our almost 27 year old lost his job in October and has been
> living in our basement since then.  He is making plans for the use of the
> back yard this summer.  Scary.
> Mike Chester
> --------------------------------------------------
> From: "Lynne" <lynnebiz at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [Homeroast] A coffee addict in the making
>  Congratulations, Ryan! Hope your wife and you realize you won't be getting
>> a
>> good night's sleep for... say, 18 years.
>> No, I'm just kidding - it'll be worse at that age.
>> ;-)
>> Lynne
>> enjoying being a bubbie!

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