[Homeroast] Water retained in the portafilter

miKe mcKoffee mcKona at comcast.net
Sun Jan 24 13:51:42 CST 2010

That's called a portafilter "sneeze". Will always happen on machines without
3-way valves if PF unlocked too soon, which is common most lower end
machines. (3-ways relieve the shot pressure when disengaging the pump,
without 3-way nowhere for pressure to go except slowly dissipate through the
puck.) Solution is to wait 15 to 30sec after shot BEFORE loosening PF.

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> So i unpressurized my portafilter in the Estro machine.  Took 
> out the spring and ripped out some kind of stopper thingy.  I 
> use a Virtuoso.  At first it was going through way too fast.  
> So i tightened down the grind and ended up at the finest 
> setting before i could get it to come out at a rate that was 
> suitable and produced good crema.  I usually tamp three 
> times.  Now when i stop the shot (via switch) there's a lot 
> of water that remains in the portafilter.  So much so, that 
> after the shot is done and i try and remove the portafilter 
> there's a suction noise and the water thats in the 
> portafilter explodes around the edges and grounds go everywhere.  
> thoughts?  should i loosen up on the grind and just tamp 
> harder?  Maybe i need a machine that produces a finer grind 
> that'd i'd only have to tamp twice and play with the tamp to 
> grind ratio?  i dunno, looking for ideas.  it seems like 
> water would be not be able to make it through at the end of 
> the shot because tamp is too hard or not enough pressure is 
> being produced to force it through the puck.
> Michael B

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