[Homeroast] Water retained in the portafilter

michael brown disracer at msn.com
Sun Jan 24 13:24:21 CST 2010

So i unpressurized my portafilter in the Estro machine.  Took out the spring and ripped out some kind of stopper thingy.  I use a Virtuoso.  At first it was going through way too fast.  So i tightened down the grind and ended up at the finest setting before i could get it to come out at a rate that was suitable and produced good crema.  I usually tamp three times.  Now when i stop the shot (via switch) there's a lot of water that remains in the portafilter.  So much so, that after the shot is done and i try and remove the portafilter there's a suction noise and the water thats in the portafilter explodes around the edges and grounds go everywhere.  

thoughts?  should i loosen up on the grind and just tamp harder?  Maybe i need a machine that produces a finer grind that'd i'd only have to tamp twice and play with the tamp to grind ratio?  i dunno, looking for ideas.  it seems like water would be not be able to make it through at the end of the shot because tamp is too hard or not enough pressure is being produced to force it through the puck.

Michael B
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