[Homeroast] It's raining raisins

Bob Glasscock bobglass at centurytel.net
Sat Jan 23 15:46:18 CST 2010

Hey Ryan,

Must be contagious. Yesterday, I spilled a canister of newly-roasted
Columbian right where the dogs eat. Fortunately my wife had just done a
thorough cleaning of that area, so the beans are now being used - not a
single hint of Ken-L-Ration...

Bob Glasscock
Greenville, AL

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Well, I finally got my raisin coffee beans in today. I walked in the door-
ripped open the box, and started roasting within minutes of opening the
Sure enought, two minutes into the roast, my hand swung around in just the
right way and knocked over my bag of beans onto the floor. I have never had
7 lbs of coffee on my floor at once.
Anyone know a good way to clean off green coffee beans without affecting the
flavor- I ain't gonna toss these beans!!! THEY ARE SALVAGEABLE!! 

Ryan M. Ward

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