[Homeroast] Advice I've ignored for too long

Justin Schwarz houstini at comcast.net
Fri Jan 22 16:39:40 CST 2010

grind finer dose less.  I have been fooling around with my dosing a little bit and temp surfing the gaggia more, the results have been yummy.

I have been dosing 13-14g into my ridgeless triple basket (like the shape better than the stock) After it is tamped it fills the basket about halfway.  My machine seems to like the headroom as well.  Pulling 1.5 oz in 25-29 seconds, with the triple basket full good results were less consistent, but occasionally wonderful.  

Today's first shot was delicious, an ethiopian I got green from a local homeroaster friendly shop.  First shot usually a sink shot but this was outstanding.  I roasted this one darker than I usually roast ethiopians but delicious nonetheless more clove and currant but there was still strong fruits in my americano.  

Second shot was Guatemala la Maravilla at a nice FC.  Shot was absolutely beautiful, drank this ristretto straight up.  It was very sweet with just the right amount of brightness to round off a perfect shot.

Just finished my Hairbender americano, this one pulled a bit fast and is on short rest but still delicious

My temp surfing on the 07 baby has been flushing to get boiler to cycle followed by pushing the steam button for 3-6 seconds to raise boiler temp just a bit more, don't know exact temps but results seem to be better.  Anyone else temp surfing Gaggias?  Any can't miss coffees for SO espresso I need to put on my next order?


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