[Homeroast] spreading the 'spro gospel

Sandy Andina sandraandina at mac.com
Thu Jan 21 12:38:53 CST 2010

I just finished mastering my next CD (Andina & Rich, actually--containing "Caffeine") down in southern IL, and I decided to bring my engineer and his wife my old LaPavoni PGB grinder (they only had a whirly-blade) and buy them a Gaggia Color.  It arrived while I was down there; and it was so gratifying to watch them practice and see the expression on their faces as they saw real crema and tasted a real, fresh ristretto and soy cappa right in their kitchen. (They drink only soymilk, and their brand stretches but doesn't do good microfoam, so we kept the froth aider on the stubby li'l steamwand).  Roberta is a dedicated DIY-er (she's singlehandedly restoring her husband's family homestead--circa 1850--into a B&B) and is already building a platform and knockbox; so I told them all about SM's and roasting with a hot air popper. There will finally be great coffee in Randolph County, albeit only for their guests!
Peace & song, 

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