[Homeroast] Night Shot

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 00:46:12 CST 2010

The Wife is sick, sleeping upstairs, so I brought home dinner and am
cleaning up the kitchen.  Since the energy is flagging, I pulled out the
PID, hooked it to my La Peppina lever and pulled a short, one ounce shot of
12 day old Liquid Amber roasted to FC+.  Since my shots have been pulling
hard, near choking and I've been getting blonding spots on the crema when I
finish the shot, I loosened up the hand grinder and stopped short before any
blonding ruined the crema.

This shot was really delicious.  It was almost all crema, very sweet, just

It tasted so good, I'm just going to have to pull another shot, and get the
other half of the roast out of the freezer for this weekend.

One the Home-Barista forum, one of the members (Rawman) is trying to arrange
a lever meet-up at a local roaster, Barefoot in Santa Clara.  I'm looking
forward to this, more playing with the La Peppina and getting a look, a
taste, and maybe even a hands on with some other levers.  I really want to
see the Caravel in action.



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