[Homeroast] OT: Important announcement - Happy Birthday BEN

Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee sweetmarias at sweetmarias.com
Wed Jan 20 18:56:33 CST 2010

Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes ya'll.

I think 3rd birthdays are the first time toddlers really understand 
the whole concept. Of course, cake and presents help that along. Ben 
is obsessed with trains and tractors, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, 
and, since I foisted it upon him after Art Clokey's passing, Gumby 
and Friends. Funny how we like to see  our kids appreciating the 
things we liked... and besides I can't watch 5 minutes of the current 
kids tv channels without wanting to gag. They are all so frantic!

Anyway, thanks...

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