[Homeroast] M4 cleaning replies

Derek Bradford derekbradford at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 13:52:50 CST 2010

Hi Angelica,

I used to have one of these.  The burrs are simple to realign if you mark
their position before you finish removing them.  So, as you're removing the
burr carrier (which you'll do by unscrewing it; the burrs are in what
amounts to a very big screw), be careful to note exactly the point where
they disengage from the threads.  It takes many turns to remove the burrs (I
can't remember now, but I think there was a solid 1.5" of fine threads).
When you reach the point where the burr carrier is disengaged from the
threads (which you would check by pulling up slightly as you rotate), make a
mark on both pieces before you remove the burr carrier.  That way, when you
go to replace the burr carrier, you can line up the marks and you know
you'll wind up at virtually the same position as you have now.  This will
save you a lot of work dialing in your grinder again.  The other thing to
watch is that you don't cross-thread the burr carrier threads.

A round toothpick does a very good job of getting into all the burr

When you're reinstalling them, carefully check that the burrs are aligned
and tightening down smoothly.  If you begin to get resistance, back off and
try again (this will happen well before you finish your first complete turn,
and only then; once you get going there is no risk of this happening).  The
burr carrier is easy to cross-thread due to the fineness of the threads.
Just take it slow; it will feel right when it's right, and wrong when it
isn't.  It's a well-manufactured machine with close tolerances; you'll know
if you begin to go out of alignment.

Good luck!

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 3:22 PM, Angelica M <flowergirl135 at gmail.com> wrote:

> As far as the burr cleaning, I am terrified I will replace the burrs in
> misalignment. Everyone warns about that but I am not sure how you do it
> right.....

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