[Homeroast] West Bend Poppery 2

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The info below is great advice. I used a PII until I bought my Behmor and
now only use it when beans are too small for the Behmor. I found this to be
the best method when I didn't have a scale. I always tilted the PII. I use
the handle of a wooden spoon to stir my beans from until they become light
enough through roasting that they move on their own. I tried to use 2/3 cup
and when I had a scale about 135g. The one thing I noticed is there was
variability in the amount of beans that was ideal. It depended on size of
beans, density etc.

John H. 

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When you start a new batch, turn it on and add beans until the beans
almost stop moving.   You can increase the amount you roast a bit by
tilting the popper by putting something underneath one side of it.
If it still can't roast darker then look into bypassing the internal
thermostat.   There are various tutorials on the web.  I'm currently
using a  mofidied poppery II.   You might also like to go google
"poppery mods".

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