[Homeroast] First Annual HB Home Roasting Competition

raymanowen at gmail.com raymanowen at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 19:46:06 CST 2010

   "If you want your entry to be handled in a different way, please include

[OK- Go ahead and handle my beans any way you want.
Pull 10 shots your way, and we'll judge them for the record- discard the
best and worst shots of two 5-shot series, 4 scores discarded. I'll enjoy my
3 keepers, you do whatever you want]

The aggregate of flavor and aroma of three shots pulled for me by
competition baristas should be a real eye opener. I guess that's the magic
of a big-bucks shot puller over the low brow Portuguese-built thing on which
I learned, that looks like the starboard side of Marilyn Monroe's bow.

Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!

Guess I finally proved expresso is worthwhile- I look forward to learning
how, soon.

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