[Homeroast] Advice on cleaning MACAP M4 grinder

Angelica M flowergirl135 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 13:34:25 CST 2010

Hello all,

I have had my MACAP M4 one year and I use Grindz about every 2 months (as
manufacturer recommended b/c I only make one double shot a day). Suddenly I
have a pretty strong stale coffee smell. It is the worst in the doser area.
I also vacuum and use a cloth for remaining debris/oils.  I just used Grindz
last night but to no avail. The burr area got slightly better but not the
doser. Strange thing is last night I washed the lid only of the doser with
soap and water and even that piece is still retaining stale coffee smell.

I use Grindz because I want to avoid taking the machine apart until the
burrs need replacing, which should be many years from now. I am not at all
mechanically inclined so I would like any advice on anything else people
think I should be doing to keep that smell out--especially if I don't have
to take the machine apart. And why would even the lid not wash clean--that
seems weird.


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