[Homeroast] Free to good home (roaster)

Wally Merrin coffee at wmerrin.com
Thu Jan 14 17:30:04 CST 2010

When I first started home roasting, one of the first orders I made  
with Sweet Maria's included two pounds of "Costa Rica R.I.P. Red Honey  
Coffee".  Tom's description said it was for experienced roasters, but  
I added it to the order "just because"... even though I was brand new  
at this game.

Well, I still have that two pounds because I'm roasting in our kitchen  
with a Behmor and I don't want to deal with the potential mess of the  
extra parchment floating around the room.  I'll ship the two pounds at  
my expense (can't be much) to the first person who emails me off-list  
they want it.  This is from the lot Tom received in July of 2008, so  
it isn't "new crop".  It has been stored in a stainless steel canister  
in a kitchen cabinet, so it should be in reasonable shape.

The archived review is at http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.archive.new.php?country=Costa+Rica
Scroll down the page, look for the "Red Honey" because there are a  
couple of RIPs listed.

This isn't a trade offer, no return shipment is necessary.

coffee at wmerrin.com

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