[Homeroast] Raisin Coffee

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 07:44:12 CST 2010

Allon Stern said:

> Well, I had just ordered a bunchload of coffee about a month ago, but I
> just realized, I needed espresso, so I got some of the workshop blends #7
> and #8,

I got some in with my samplers - was very happy I roasted the Waw, Bukan
Main! before I melted my Mokapot, haha! Was very good.. don't know how it'll
taste in the Chemex.. but then again, with my setup, I may not get the best
flavors in the first place. I don't care - I'm a very happy camper with what
I have..

> and, well, there happened to be room left in the cart, so I figured I could
> fit at least two scoops of raisin.
> Went for five scoops :)

and so much better than Raisin Bran!

> And a clever coffee dripper while I was at it.

That looks great, too. I'm jealous. ;D

Happy roasting!!


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