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Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 06:30:15 CST 2010

I have one son and one daughter (out of my four adult kids) who are coffee
drinkers. The other daughter likes it, but she finds it doesn't agree with
her (I tell her it's the swill they are selling) and the other son insists
all coffee is the same (only drinks it when he needs to stay awake).

I'm fortunate that the son who is currently living with me is totally sold
on homeroast. He even, in desperation (when I was out one day & he finished
the last of our homeroast), roasted a small amount in my absense (came out
pretty good, too). I roast stove top, so it was mostly a matter of knowing
watching what I do...

My most fun is when my seventeen month grandson is visiting - he comes
running when he hears the grinder, and I always let him sniff the grinds.

My son says it's in his genes - he will, I'm hoping, be my homeroast prodigy


By the way - a belated welcome to the group, Ryan.


On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 11:25 PM, Ryan M. Ward <silvercro_magnon at hotmail.com
> wrote:

> You know, if there is one thing that I am proud of in life, it is the fact
> that I got my other half addicted to coffee(it only took 4 years and a
> Silvia). I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to make her first
> cappuccino (tonight was not the night by the way, at least not yet, doctors
> plan to induce if she is not here by next Wednesday). At our Lamaze class,
> Kaylene was the one that asked when the espresso bar closed in the maternity
> ward(I asked if I could bring an espresso machine in with me).
> But seriously, roasting while in labor! That is just plain impressive. My
> hat tips to you!
> One more day till the Sulawesi beans arrive- waiting waiting waiting!!!
> Ryan M. Ward
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