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Thu Jan 14 01:13:53 CST 2010

Shhh- Don't tell; Don't Nobody Ask!
I guess the crack in my belfry left me with a jacked-up palate.

My honey, the Celtic Critic, has long baked artisan bread loaves of
differing ethnic persuasion. Post TBI, nothing tasted right, even two
successive cups of chili from the same pot after an overnighter in the
fridge. One good, one not.

"Right, Ray- Oh, Look! The kitchen's empty. It's all yours- have at it!"
Recently, that led to grinding whole grain wheat to flour in the Major, for
some possible nutritional benefit. Some bread shell failures with chili
filling. Toast, on grated Cheddar, Chili, Turmeric, more Garlic and onions
in the "dugout" and shredded Parmesan filling on top of that...

Then, who cares if my chili or the bread is a failure? Jalapeños cook right
down, so a slice of Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar is the greater gustatory

Usually, my coffee blends are "Bailout Blends," to roast the last of some
beans when I don't have 400g of any one of them. Now, there's a problem.

This is huge, and I'm going to be sorry I didn't follow my 5 pound minimum
lot size when ordering greens. Espresso blends are already chosen by the
Master, so why not just go with 2 pounds each of the Puro Scuro and the
Auriferous espresso workshop #2?

NEVER AGAIN!  Fivers are positively the Minimum!

[Fox reports "Study: Coffee may reduce risk of diabetes and prostate cancer.
OK. Good news.
If you have diabetes, coffee may exacerbate it!?? "
Say WHAT? Just saw it on Fox news]
Does not apply...

I was not really enthused about the Puro Scuro when I first roasted it, so
thought I had kept the 2# pack for later, when I'd make a different roasting
or brewing misteak. Rong! All gone-

I liked the Liquid Amber, so still have a pound + left. I used the 2# pack
sparingly. Dang little baggies. So, where'd I put the Auriferous w-s #2?
Happily, I found two Fivers of IMV, for a total of ~6# left. All this
because I thought the Capresso was at risk of blowing up in the middle of a

The missing instructions in the operation manual are left to the operator to
figure out himself.

Now I remember- I didn't want to risk good coffee beans in the Crapesso, but
I was nursing some great shots out of the sick machine.


On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 6:15 PM, Jim Gundlach <pecanjim at bellsouth.net>wrote:

> One of the problems I have as a result of my illness is that I have
> difficulty remembering nouns, especially complex and long ones like in the
> names of the coffees SweetMaria sells.  So after spending a large amount of
> time reading the reviews and trying to remember the coffee to put the order
> in, I decided to take a quantitative approach that allowed me to overcome my
> current handicap to place today's order for 20 pounds of greens that should
> give me quality coffee for close to six months.
> I entered the name, price for one pound, and Tom's total quality rating
> into a JMP data set.  I then used simple linear regression analysis to use
> the price for one pound to predict the quality score.  Once I had that
> regression equation in place, I then calculated the residual by subtracting
> the predicted quality score of each bean from Tom's quality score.  There
> were two beans that had quality scores more than four points above the value
> predicted by their price so I went ahead and ordered five pounds of each of
> them.  If I had absolutely wanted to maximize the quality for price I would
> have ordered 20 pounds of the coffee with the largest positive residual but
> I do love variety so I selected a variety from the best buys suggested by
> this method.  Then there were five beans that had a quality score of more
> than three, but less than four, points above the predicted value so I
> ordered two pounds of each of them.  That gave me my twenty pound order.
>  Once the beans are here and I have tried them I will let you know what my
> taste buds and nose lead me to think of this selection method.  I am not
> posting the specific coffees I selected here because I still do not
> sufficiently trust the quality of the intellectual work I do since I lost
> part of my brain to have others possibly place their orders based on my
> work.
> I again apologize  for writing something difficult to read but in addition
> to the herpes simplex encephalitis handicap, I had two teeth pulled this
> afternoon and I think there are some side negative effects of the pain
> killers and possibly just the damned pain on my writing.
>   pecan jim_______________________________________________
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