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Thu Jan 14 00:58:35 CST 2010

 I can and will yet learn how to tawk good. Compared to the first time I
roasted IMV in an air popper and got definite blueberries, this latest roast
was greatly extended. Started with 500g in the bread machine and the old, 4X
repaired warm gun.

Initially, as the beans were drifting from green to straw-colored, I was
getting a very clear blueberry aroma. This was about five minutes into the
roast. Maybe, if I had replaced the restrictor plate in the heat nozzle, the
roast would have been hotter, faster and maybe trapped the blueberries.

I got lots of Blueberry aroma from the roast when the beans were becoming
straw colored, none at all in the shots

Maybe the old HT-1000 could be re-tagged as an HT-710 and auctioned on eBay
as a 250g HG/DB coffee roaster combination. At least, it has an upgraded
thermal fuse. Maybe I'll fix the new Fth first before I use it...

Not to hijack the topic, but the Wednesday morning tasse was the 8 Jan IMV
roast @ FC+. Ground at 0.0122" burr separation in the Gzornenblatt. Did it
again this afternoon at 0.0128". A little later I'll do the nitecap at
0.0125". The "refurb" doesn't need Depends, conserves dist H2O.

Dist H2O- I refuse to put stuff in the machine that I have scour out
chemically, will cause the eventual failure of the heating element in a
normal boiler, and are minerals I don't need to consume. Hard water stuff
like Ca and Mg carbonates tend to precipitate out on heat elements,
insulating them so they have to get hotter to transfer the heat.

Thermoblocks are not "boilers" at all. The stainless steel plumbing between
the pump and the hydraulic plenum in the group is cast in aluminum with the
heat element. Never thought about it before but I'll surf the temperature,
pull a blank shot to heat the group plenum, which has almost no thermal
mass, pack and lock the filter basket, re-surf the thermoblock through the
hot water wand, and brew the shot.

I have to choreograph and rehearse that "dance" otherwise I'll incur the
wrath of my Celtic Critic, namely, at a recruiting party for home sales of
"Cafe du Jour" coffee packs at some friends, we sampled some of the stuff
and looked at each other. "Best thing since push-button shave cream, and
tastes like it."

It didn't taste so bad, I just didn't want to get involved. Besides, a
little voice out of the Babbitt was saying "Remember the Aroma Roast."  I
really didn't.

C. C. set me up- "Ray could do a better roast blindfolded..."  Especially
since I couldn't see inside the Aroma Roast anyway! Just a year earlier
(1976) but I forgot about it. Boyer had sold me the little roaster and a
blade grinder for $10 each. The Kenya AA green beans were the same price as
the roasted.

That seemed like a sour deal- I wasn't hit that hard in the head- but I
never followed it up.

Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!

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