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Agreed roasting for espresso does NOT mean dark and oily. Nothing I roast
professionally or for home is dark and oily whether for espresso as SO or
blend (pre or post roast) or for other brewing method. Roasting targeted for
strictly espresso versus non-espresso brewing can mean different things for
different beans. For instance currently one of my "stock" SO's is a DP
Sidamo. I roast it the same finish degree temp, a City+ ~432f, whether for
non-espresso or targeted for espresso. (Currently running Sidamo in SO
grinder at St Johns Roastery Coffeehouse) BUT with a different profile to
get to City+. Specifically about an additional 30 seconds after tanning
through browning phase leading to start of 1st and 90 seconds additional
start of 1st to EOR with major part of end stretch towards end of 1st to end
of roast. Trick is slowing yet not stalling the roast of course. Hence
requirement of good bean temp monitoring and roaster control. FWIW USRC
16:30 versus 14:30 total roast times. This slower profile "softens" or
"tames" the Sidamo for a more managable yet still dynamic shot.

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