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Wed Jan 13 22:25:34 CST 2010

You know, if there is one thing that I am proud of in life, it is the fact that I got my other half addicted to coffee(it only took 4 years and a Silvia). I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to make her first cappuccino (tonight was not the night by the way, at least not yet, doctors plan to induce if she is not here by next Wednesday). At our Lamaze class, Kaylene was the one that asked when the espresso bar closed in the maternity ward(I asked if I could bring an espresso machine in with me). 
But seriously, roasting while in labor! That is just plain impressive. My hat tips to you!

One more day till the Sulawesi beans arrive- waiting waiting waiting!!!

Ryan M. Ward

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> Hah!
> "I managed to finish all 3 batches before things started getting more
> > intense, hitting all of them where I wanted to."
> >
> As I recall, it turned out I didn't nail that Gesha roast at all.  It was
> pretty flat and lifeless and not what it could have been (the proof of the
> coffee is in the drinking after all).  Seems I underestimated just how
> distracting labor was to my on-the-fly profiling.  An object lesson, to be
> sure.   ;-)
> All the best to the Expectants!
> Kris McN
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