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Allon Stern allon at radioactive.org
Wed Jan 13 15:07:10 CST 2010

On Jan 13, 2010, at 3:24 PM, Ryan M. Ward wrote:

> Thanks, you too. Kaylene told me this morning that she thinks tonight may be the night. (and thus the sleeplessness begins...coffee is good...)

For those of you new to the list, you should check out old postings from November 2007:

On Nov 7, 2007, at 5:45 PM, Kris McN wrote:
> So, I've been in early labor since early this morning.  I've been thinking for awhile about what coffees I would want to have on hand after giving birth, so I've been hoping that I'd have a chance to roast before things got too intense.  I decided on a nice, subtle cup, the Panama Esmerelda Gesha; something with a bit of kick, for those early mornings where high octane is called for, Yemen Mokha Sana'ani; then a decaf, for those late nights where you don't really want any caffeine, just a good cup, the El Salvador PN Las Ranas WP Decaf.  I already have some Moka Kadir I roasted a couple of days ago to tide us over.  I roast with a HG/BrM setup up, outside on a piece of plywood on sawhorses under the eaves in the back.  It's been a nice, cool, foggy, fall morning.  My contractions were coming steadily every ten minutes or so, lasting 30-40 seconds.  It turns out roasting coffee is kind of the perfect activity for early labor - I'm standing (my preferred position at this stage) and I'm free to sway, or move my hips, while my hands keep busy.  Plus, I have something to focus on besides the contractions.  I managed to finish all 3 batches before things started getting more intense, hitting all of them where I wanted to.  Certainly a unique roasting experience that I'll likely never have again. 
> Well, the midwives will be here soon.  I'm off to birth a baby now.

And you think YOU'RE hardcore :)

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