[Homeroast] First Roast Ever

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Mon Jan 11 09:45:47 CST 2010

On Sat, Jan 09, 2010 at 01:20:49PM -0800, Yakster wrote:
> Enjoy the roasting. I think there's a lot to be learned by full manual
> methods to start like poppers, heat guns, etc so don't be too quick to
> upgrade.

Truer words, etc.  I had planned to get a roaster with sampler, but I
reached that decision just about the time SM ran out of the old
Freshroasts.  Then Thanksgiving and the usual "so what's on your Xmas
list?" and I saw the solution to two problems come together.  Somehow,
though, I wound up with 8 assorted pounds of greens and no roaster.

I doubt that I'll continue dog-bowling for long, but it has been an
interesting learning experience.  The more so since the temperature on
the porch hasn't been the same yet for any two batches...  Even the
batches that came out uneven (one slightly scorched in spots) were
interesting, and quite drinkable, at least by me.  And that one that
came out smelling of toll house cookies when freshly ground...  gotta
try to do that again.  ;-)

> A thermometer or digital thermometer/thermocouple can be really
> I'm using a Behmor now and enjoy it with larger batch size and
> programmability for reproducible roasts, but you give up control
> during the roast.

A man after my own heart.  I just noticed that Tom has some videos up
featuring the new Freshroast models, so I guess I'll be making a first
choice pretty soon now.  The Behmor would be possible with the Xmas
gift certificate.  Not being able to do *$-dark roasts isn't a
problem, and as I've had really fresh beans around I find I'm drinking
more than the traditional one mug to wake me up in the morning, so its
preference for 1/2 lb lots doesn't seem so much of a drawback.  But I
can't see any way to measure anything more useful than the chanmber
temperature, and that from a good distance away from the beans...

(I lean towards wanting to measure (and, eventually, automate)
processes anyway, but it's really been bugging me since we stopped by
Second Chance Coffee (online at http://ihaveabean.com/); saw their
upscaled homebuilt roaster in action and chatted about the monitoring &
control a bit with Pete.  and the result of their roasting has gotten
me through a week when I didn't wish to battle the cold on the porch
again very nicely...)

If a physicist met a colleague from 100 years ago,
he could teach him some new things; 
if a psychologist met a colleague from 100 years ago,
they'd just get into an ideological argument.  -- Paul Graham

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