[Homeroast] Silvia repair options

John Crippen john.crippen at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 05:47:20 CST 2010

Good morning,

I just moved from south of El Paso, TX to Arkansas.  In transit, I left Miss
Silvia out in the back of my car overnight, and it was sub-freezing that
night.  I tried to use her for the first time this morning.  After turning
her on to heat up, I walked out of the room.  A few minutes later I heard
the ground fault indicator throw in the kitchen.  Found water all over the
counter.  After cleaning that up and resetting the GVI, I tried using Miss
Silvia, and water just runs out of the back where it normally drains (may be
running out somewhere else, I have not opened it up yet).  No water comes
out of the screen or out of the steam wand when I tried that.  I suspect
that frozen water in the pipes burst the three-way valve and maybe some
other pipes and stuff.  I fear to look inside.

What's the call on sending Miss Silvia to an authorized Rancilio repair
center (none near Hot Springs, Arkansas that I can find), vs. finding a
local repairman to look her over?  Also, in the future, how can I completely
blow out all the water from Miss Silvia (or her replacement........) so that
this does not happen again on the next part of my road trip north next



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