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Rayman , have you ever written a book or considered writting a book, you have a writing style(at least from what I see in your posts) very similar to an author I used to read and enjoy years ago. 

Ryan M. Ward

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> Date: Sat, 9 Jan 2010 03:17:28 -0700
> From: raymanowen at gmail.com
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> Subject: Re: [Homeroast] Espresso advice
> "...I thought, that you at one point did like espresso.
> [Initially, I was forced to HATE the abominable drinks (Straight shots)
> served by genuine baristas at actual coffee shops. Some even told me They
> don't like straight shots-!-!-?-?]
> Holy Cow- my opinion matched theirs- their opinion and their shots...
> Now from your last two postings here I take it that you have never liked
> espresso and like it even less now...Or have I again completely have your
> post up side down and
> inside out?" [You know, the image on the retina of the eye is inverted by
> the simple lens...]
> I absolutely did not like the beverage as served by every genuine barista at
> actual coffee shops. I was ready to reverse my opinion, based on a shot
> pulled by my friend, Carol. Daz Bog is a local roaster- the stuff they
> delivered just wasn't fresh. Charlatans. I thought, "Damn! Espresso must
> just be a way to dispose of coffee beans unfit for consumption."
> Sorry, my post got truncated by some scheduled maintenance on the Box of 1's
> and 0's. At 0330hrs I'm supposed to be conducting an inspection of the
> inside of my eye lids or roasting. Way too cold last night, was Almost 32° F
> when I roasted 10 hours ago. Cooling/ stopping was a cinch!
> IMV FC+. Incredible at a relative 20 on the dial of the Mazzer. (Starting
> point for all new espresso) 20 means nothing, but the burr separation is
> 0.012". I brewed the second shot at 18, or 0.011"  At the first sip, my
> Celtic Critic said, "This is *Good,* still room for improvement-"
> I hope. The Mason jars were ice cold from the ultra-cooled beans, and the
> grounds out of the grinder made the PF basket cold without the normal trip
> through the freezer before grinding. How to grind coffee without actually
> making the grounds warm.
> I got lots of Blueberry aroma from the roast when the beans were becoming
> straw colored, none at all in the shots from the juvenile (age15m) roast.
> Time will tell. We Love espresso on the odd times I do it right.
> Belay 0300 maintenance.
> Size matters. Consistent size matters more. Big, sharp burrs matter mostest.
> I brewed two test shots on the extremely juvenile roast, first at 0.012"
> setting, then 0.011" setting- at dial settings of 20 and 18, respectively.
> Once the beans age properly, the flavor difference between 0.011" and 0.012"
> is Huge, and that's two increments of the dial.
> Single increments (0.0005") vary the brewing time and the resulting espresso
> flavor. Even Half Steps (0.00025") make a difference when you're doing some
> serious (The Symphony in the Cup!) shot pulling. If you're Not Serious, why
> waste the Wampum or the Excellent Beans?
> Hilarious Joke, wasting money on beans and an expensive espresso machine,
> when the grinder is the bottleneck. If you can't taste the difference
> between a 0.011" grind and a 0.0116" or a 0.012" grind, and your grinder
> can't hope to hold the increment, you're sitting in the rong pew. It's also
> unfair competition with the Crummy Coffee Shops of the galaxy.
> Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!
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> Persist in old ways; expect different results - suborn Insanity...
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